Areas: Edition | Proofread | Translation | Education


– Conducting and customizing reviews in general;
– Practice review of articles, news, articles, academic papers and other portfolios that correspond to the Portuguese language;
– Individual formalization of any subject that can be developed in a clear and cultured manner, to improve coherence, cohesion and other matters that need better clarity in their written form;
– Knowledge in Portuguese and English language in the areas of linguistics, textual production, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, semiotics and language history;
– Presentation and information in accordance with the essential grammar and orthographic rules, in the professional and academic circles;
– Competence in correcting texts, searching for errors and correcting them, aiming at the clarity of the ideas contained in them;
– Text formatting, according to the norms of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT);
– Practice and improvement of students skills, for writing development and contextualization, and results for higher entrance exam grades;
– Criteria, comments and suggestions for writing improvement;
– Writing skills analysis, based on the identification of strengths and weaknesses, preparation for the exam, being a proofreader in ENEM and FUVEST standards and norms;
– Writing articles for blogs, websites, calls, agencies and companies of all branches, in the SEO standard;
– Observe the phrases in my language and record my voice as I read them aloud;
– Use the customer-managed tool to analyze consistent content in random phrases derived from actual users;
– Perform vocalization of phrases to be recorded in 1000 per project simultaneously.


Content Writer
Central do Texto
Period: November/2017 – Actually

FAUMOD Consultoria
Period: October/2016 – Actually

Wording Corrector
Period: October/2016 – Actually

Data Voice Collector
Lionbridge Technologies
Period: May/2017 – June/2017


• Portuguese – Native
• English – Advanced
• Spanish – Intermediate
• French, Italian and Latin – Basic


• Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Communication Processes and Institutional
• Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Communication and Institutional Communication Process
• Prime Cursos – Boss & Leadership
• Prime Cursos – New Spelling of Portuguese Language
• Prime Cursos – Secretariat
• Faculdade Sul Mineira – Proofreading and Translation
• Universidade Paulista – Text Production and Interpretation


Degree in Letters (Portuguese and English Language)
Universidade Paulista
Period: February/2005 – December/2007

Graduate Studies in Translation (Portuguese and English Language)
Anhanguera Educacional
Period: February/2009 – April/2010

Graduate Studies in Business Administration
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
Period: March/2018 – December/2020


Travel to United States of America, Argentina and Chile to improve professional trainings and language skills.
Volunteer work: Philosophical teaching of religious knowledge or children from 7 to 14 years old.
Student-teacher at Universidade Paulista on saturdays, teaching English Instrumental and Basic English Grammar classes and lecturer. Counselor of social projects in poor neighborhoods.
Volunteer in Translation and Review for TED Conferences and Speaker on Secretaries Group.
Knowledge in tools like Tradus and Wordfast.