Areas: Administration | Finance | Human Resources | Office


– Through the accounting software, prepares weekly payments in consultation with all staff and submits payment schedules for approval and processing. Ensures that the financial information related to the Brazil program is accurately reflected in the accounting system, carrying out account reconciliations and adjustments as required. Manages office petty cash disbursements and prepares related expense reports. Prepares expense reports and documentation to support processing of monthly balance sheets by the local accounting firm. Maintains and manages all operational electronic filing supporting documentation. Liaise with the local accounting firm regarding tax deductions of invoices to be paid. Hires and provides oversight for cleaning services. Oversees application of safety protocols;

– Manages physical office set up, maintenance and administration. Purchases office materials and supplies in consultation with all staff. Manages the logistics related to operational events (such as organizational training, team retreats, team building exercises, etc.) including the selection of venue, purchase of tickets, negotiation with suppliers, booking of accommodation for participants (staff and guests), in accordance with Rare´s established policies. Locates and vets local IT partners and acts as a liaison between local vendors and the USA IT department, managing IT outsourcing services on a day to day basis. Helps coordinate shipping of equipment between the regional office and HQ. Brings regional technology needs to attention of the IT department;

– Ensures that program office holds adequate insurance and that staff and physical assets have a secure environment to operate. Leads local “greening” efforts that make Rare a socially responsible and environmentally conscious employer. Advertises new positions in Brazil using local agencies and/or networks.

– Processes documentation related to new staff hiring such as medical exam and contract of employment, coordinating with Arlington and the local payroll firm. Processes payroll payments and supervise local accounting firm activity regarding documentation and payment of all employment-related amounts. Oversees local recordkeeping and documentation related to recruitment, payroll, benefits, safety, training;

– Prepares documentation related to staff benefits including global life and medical insurance and local meal allowance, life and medical insurance and transport allowance. Liaise with the local legal advisor for talent-related matters when required. Coordinates with USA to ensure that all new members are issued a credit card, have the appropriate equipment and access to e-mail and other software. Carries out the review of the monthly payroll and prepares payroll schedules for submission to USA;

– Maintains appropriate controls to monitor annual leave, personal days, recovery days and sick leave of Brazil staff. Documents the process of termination of contracts of employment following the policies and in compliance with Brazilian legislation;

– Responsible for routine administrative, financial and HR areas;

– Control of area payments, expenses, reimbursement of expenses, organization of documents and request for travel. Acting in Purchasing, Facilities and relationship with suppliers;

– Maintain office conditions and provide necessary repairs;

– Manage contracts and negotiations with service providers (internet provider, telephone, post office, taxis, among others). Production of spreadsheets and management reports;

– Be the intermediary with accounting, managing the flow of information and invoices. Request of stationery and equipment. Organization and storage of documents. Knowledge of office administration responsibilities and procedures;

– Responsible for periodic monitoring of the processes’ evolution, projects and planning of actions for realignment with business objectives. Management of planning, control of the administrative, financial and human resources areas, acting directly with monthly invoicing, cash flow, taxes’ payments control, expenses’ provision, calculation of salaries and reimbursements, credit lines, anticipation of values, quotes, invoice elaboration, operations costs’ spreadsheets, exchange, cost reduction of infrastructure, as well as administrator of cash, deposits, accounts receivable and payable to provide adequate resources for the effective operation of the company at the minimum;

– Analysis of the financial balance of the accounts payable/ and receivable, profitability based on the operations present and future. Increase clarity in the flow of information. Responsible for the management, training and development of teams. Elaboration and management of budget/annual treasury and monthly reports to shareholders: forecasts, cash flow and analysis of deviation from budget;

– Control and negotiation with the main suppliers, analyzing operational expenses and continuous reduction of expenses. Management of monthly closing and financial reports, margins’ analysis, costs and budget. Responsible for controlling the accounting area, delivery of the documentation prior to the audit, how to report the evolution of it. Knowledge about accounting of the main taxes of Brazilian legislation;

– People management, point sheet, overtime, payroll, management benefits, admission and dismissal (terminations, charges, homologations). Recruitment and selection of various positions and hierarchical levels. Creation and implement standards and internal procedures. Administration of regulatory standards PPRA, PCMSO and ASO;

– Responsible for the monitoring of trade union agreements and personnel management, establishing and controlling the implementation of human resources policies, aiming to maintain a high degree of motivation and efficient participation of each employee.


Administrative-Financial Coordinator
Associação Rare do Brasil
Period: January/2019 – Actually

Office Manager (advisory)
Tubino e Associados Advocacia
Period: January/2017 – December/2018

Administrative-Financial Manager
GC Security
Period: April/2011 – November/2016

Administrative-Financial Analyst
Tubino e Associados Advocacia
Period: March/2008 – April/2011

General Secretary
Laudisio Correa & La Selva Advogados
Period: May/2005 – August/2007

Administrative Assisntant (intern)
MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.
Period: March/2004 – December/2004


• Portuguese – Native
• English – Advanced
• Spanish – Intermediate
• French, Italian and Latin – Basic


• Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Fundamentals of Cost Management
• Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Communication and Institutional Communication Process
• Prime Cursos – Boss & Leadership
• Prime Cursos – Business Administration, Finance and HR
• Prime Cursos – Marketing and Business Management
• Prime Cursos – Secretariat
• MAHLE METAL LEVE S/A – Production and Services


Degree in Letters (Portuguese and English Language)
Universidade Paulista
Period: February/2005 – December/2007

Graduate Studies in Translation (Portuguese and English Language)
Anhanguera Educacional
Period: February/2009 – April/2010

Graduate Studies in Business Administration
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
Period: March/2018 – December/2020


Travel to United States of America, Argentina and Chile to improve professional trainings and language skills.
Volunteer work: Philosophical teaching of religious knowledge or children from 7 to 14 years old.
Student-teacher at Universidade Paulista on saturdays, teaching English Instrumental and Basic English Grammar classes and lecturer. Counselor of social projects in poor neighborhoods.
Volunteer in Translation and Review for TED Conferences and Speaker on Secretaries Group.
Knowledge in tools like CRM, CP-PRO, BravoSolution, SimplesmenteUse, SYM, PipeDrive, ContaAzul, OMIE, Jobber, Concur, SuccessFactors, ADP, Intacct and Nexonia.